CHAFFEY vs WORLD: <br>ep.1 “GREAT WHITES” <br>{Mixed Sixpack} <br> Three pairs of wines

{Mixed Sixpack}
Three pairs of wines

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They said aim big. So... we’re taking on the ENTIRE world! Three weeks x three mixed Chaffey vs International Icons sixpacks.

Here is episode one: GREAT WHITES, where we are pitting three of our best each against an absolute cracker from three European regions:

  • Our 2019 DÜFTE PUNKT (Fechner Vineyard Riesling Gewürztraminer Kerner) vs 2018 HUGEL GENTIL from Alsace, France


  • Our 2017 TRIPELPUNKT (Tri-vineyard Textural Eden Valley Riesling) vs 2016 OTT “FEUERSBRUNN” Riesling from Austria


  • Our 2019 KONTRAPUNKT (Fechner Vineyard Kerner) vs 2016 PRA OTTO Soave from Italy

Join us on Instagram Live as we taste through these six wines on Thursday 28th May 5:30pm AEST